Custom Flags and their Uses

custom flag design

If you are interested in advertising your business or event, custom flags can help to make your message known. When used effectively, custom flags can turn an ordinary group of people into an unstoppable movement. Flags are the visual way to communicate your message to a large audience. There are many uses for custom flags and here are just some of the examples:

Sporting events: Custom flags come in a variety of sizes to fit sporting event specifications. Depending on the desired impact you want to create, there are four different flag sizes: Mini-flags and stick flags; pennant flag; standard sizes; and half-staff flag. With advanced digital dye sublimation technology, custom flags now print with eye-catching, colorful colors that will catch the attention of those walking or driving by. All custom flags are manufactured on a high quality polyester nylon material which is suitable for outdoor rough use. You can choose from a variety of finishes including vinyl coating, paint, powder coating, or laser coating. All custom sizes are designed to withstand the harshest conditions.

Trade fairs: Trade fairs are an excellent place to use custom flags. The large size of the trade fair flags and their eye-catching color make them a sure way to draw the eyes of potential customers. Because these flags do not have standard sizes, they are often purchased in multiple pieces. This will allow you to produce enough custom flags to meet the quantity needed for your trade show or political convention. With your own design, you can provide your own artwork for the custom flags, or have your artist use the available stock graphics from your logo or event photos.

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Parades: Another way to use custom flags is to provide them for parades. For parades with a marching band, the custom flag design is usually on the back of the banner. For special events such as weddings, parades, and graduations, you can add the flag to the front of the banner. These are just a few examples of the many types of events that could benefit from a wide selection of custom flags.

Exhibitions: Trade shows, conventions, and other large public gatherings are some of the places that see the most use of custom flags. Custom banner designs can help to attract potential customers and increase awareness about your company. Eye-catching banners that include your company’s contact information, slogan, and image can be used for these types of events to increase your presence.

Eye-Catching Design: Most custom flags are designed with a unique eye-catching design that draws the eye of passersby. Many times a colorful graphic is combined with a text that is catchy and attention-grabbing. When using eye-catching ideas, it can help to ensure that you stand out from the crowd of competitors. The process of using a dye sublimation printer will allow you to create eye-catching custom flags in a short amount of time. This type of printer offers an exceptional quality product and also provides exceptional results.

Durable Design: When it comes to using custom flags for any type of events or large public gatherings, it is important to consider what type of material the custom flags are made of. There are many different materials that are used during the manufacturing process of printed flags. When selecting which type of material the flag is made of, it is important to consider the environment the event will be held in as well as the type of event. A heavy weight vinyl is not recommended for outdoor use due to the extreme weather conditions associated with outdoor use.

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Double-Sided: When using custom flags for events that require more than one side, the best option available is a double-sided flag design. The most popular use for a double-sided flag design is the use of two flags at once. Typically, a larger flag is on the left hand side and the smaller flag is on the right. Many businesses utilize this option when displaying oversized custom flags or banners at trade shows and conventions. The advantage to this design method is that the event goers will have the opportunity to see both flags simultaneously and quickly learn about which flag is the smaller version of the larger one.